My memories of Karl Norris

Contribution by Susan Foulk

I was a newcomer to NIR spectroscopy back in 1987 when I joined Guided Wave (GWI). I met several people at Tecator and NIRSystems early on and became aware of Karl and his ground breaking work in the NIR field. I first met Karl in 1992 at the Chambersburg Conference and saw his presentation for the first Software Shootout that year. Karl was always willing to share his expertise, and his vast experience was an invaluable resource to the NIR community. 

I enjoyed participating in the Software Shootouts in those early years and I personally benefitted greatly from these events. Karl was a treasure for the NIR community and leaves a legacy for all.

It was a pleasure to see his Honorary Doctorate Ceremony at Wilson College in 2006 –

a well deserved honor.


Susan Foulk,

Guided Wave, Inc.