Karl Norris,

The Father and Founder of Near Infrared Spectroscopy





This website is to commemorate the achievements of Karl Norris, as a

scientist, and as a mentor to many.

Karl Norris has left us, and the World of Near-infrared Spectroscopy will never be quite the same as when he was with us. A number of his colleagues have sent their personal memories of him, and their comments will be posted, in alphabetical order, in the form of a commemorative folder, on the CNIRS and ICNIRS websites, to coincide with the time that they would be making them as presentations at IDRC-2020, which, regrettably, did not take place at the end of July this year, as originally scheduled. 

This website allows their messages to be more widely appreciated. 

But to all of you who have spent any time with the maestro, no matter how brief, please feel encouraged to add your experience to this site by using the contact form.


Phil Williams and Tony Davies